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      Alan Barry - Come On [2000]

      Artist: Alan Barry
      Title: Come On
      Year: 2000
      Type: Compilation, Bootleg
      Label: Galaxis
      Catalog: CD9049
      Duration: 56:07
      Styles: Italo-Disco Artist Alan Barry TitleCome On Released 2000 TypeCompilation, Bootleg FormatCD LabelGalaxis Catalog#CD9049 Rating StylesItalo-Disco
      Download Title/ArtistTime1Come On Alan Barry 5:002Good Vibrations Alan Barry 3:473Tell Me the Reason Alan Barry 5:534Victim of Love Alan Barry 5:045Hie Hie Hie Alan Barry 4:206Innocent Alan Barry 3:547Love Is Like a Dance Alan Barry 6:058Dance with Me Alan Barry 4:299Show Me Your Love Alan Barry 5:1610Gimme Gimme Alan Barry 2:4911Give Me Your Loving Alan Barry 2:3412Good Vibrations (Dance Mix) Alan Barry 4:4413Come On (Reprise) Alan Barry 2:12

      Ago - Chinese Eyes [1988]

      Artist: Ago
      Title: Chinese Eyes
      Year: 1988
      Type: Album, Bootleg
      Duration: 1:12:08
      Styles: Italo-Disco Artist Ago TitleChinese Eyes Released 1988 TypeAlbum, Bootleg FormatCD Rating StylesItalo-Disco
      Download Title/ArtistTime1I Want You Ago 5:202Computer Ago 6:113Miracles Ago 7:004It's Allright Ago 6:325Chinese Eyes Ago 6:196Romance Ago 6:437Electric Cucaracha Ago 6:188You Make Me Do It Long Ago 6:159It's Allright (Dub Version) Ago 5:4210I Want You (Another Version) Ago 7:3711Computer (Dub Version) Ago 8:11

      Ace Frehley - Trouble Walkin' [1989]

      Artist: Ace Frehley
      Title: Trouble Walkin'
      Year: 1989
      Type: Album
      Format: CD, Album
      Label: Megaforce Records, Atlantic
      Catalog: 7 82042-2
      Country: US
      Duration: 44:44
      Genres: Rock
      Styles: Hard Rock Artist Ace Frehley TitleTrouble Walkin' Released 1989 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album LabelMegaforce Records, Atlantic Catalog#7 82042-2 CountryUS Rating GenresRock
      StylesHard Rock
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Shot Full of Rock Ace Frehley 4:502Do Ya Ace Frehley 3:503Five Card Stud Ace Frehley 4:034Hide Your Heart Ace Frehley 4:365Lost in Limbo Ace Frehley 4:12 6Trouble Walkin' Ace Frehley 3:0872 Young 2 Die Ace Frehley 4:308Back to School Ace Frehley 3:439Remember Me Ace Frehley 5:0210Fractured III Ace Frehley 6:50

      Accept - Russian Roulette [1986]

      Artist: Accept
      Title: Russian Roulette
      Year: 21 Sep 1986
      Type: Album
      Format: CD, Album
      Label: Epic/Sony
      Catalog: 32-8P-137
      Country: Japan
      Duration: 43:22
      Genres: Rock
      Styles: Heavy Metal Artist Accept TitleRussian Roulette Released21 Sep 1986 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album LabelEpic/Sony Catalog#32-8P-137 CountryJapan Rating GenresRock
      StylesHeavy Metal
      Download Title/ArtistTime1T.V. War Accept 3:292Monsterman Accept 3:253Russian Roulette Accept 5:234It's Hard to Find a Way Accept 4:205Aiming High Accept 4:276Heaven Is Hell Accept 7:137Another Second to Be Accept 3:198Walking in the Shadow Accept 4:279Man Enough to Cry Accept 3:1510Stand Tight Accept 4:04

      Accept - Metal Heart [1985]

      Artist: Accept
      Title: Metal Heart
      Year: May 1989
      Type: Album
      Format: CD, Album
      Label: RCA
      Catalog: ND74207
      Country: Germany
      Duration: 39:55
      Genres: Rock
      Styles: Heavy Metal Artist Accept TitleMetal Heart Released℗ 1985 © May 1989 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Album LabelRCA Catalog#ND74207 CountryGermany Rating GenresRock
      StylesHeavy Metal
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Metal Heart Accept 5:24 2Midnight Mover Accept 3:073Up to the Limit Accept 3:474Wrong Is Right Accept 3:095Screaming for a Love-Bite Accept 4:046Too High to Get It Right Accept 3:477Dogs on Leads Accept 4:248Teach Us to Survive Accept 3:339Living for Tonite Accept 3:3410Bound to Fail Accept 5:06

      A Taste of Honey - Golden Honey [1984]

      Artist: A Taste of Honey
      Title: Golden Honey
      Year: 1989
      Type: Album
      Format: CD, Compilation, Reissue
      Label: Capitol Records
      Catalog: CDP 7 91639 2
      Country: US
      Duration: 36:27
      Genres: Funk / Soul
      Styles: Disco Artist A Taste of Honey TitleGolden Honey Released℗ 1984 © 1989 TypeAlbum FormatCD, Compilation, Reissue LabelCapitol Records Catalog#CDP 7 91639 2 CountryUS Rating GenresFunk / Soul
      Download Title/ArtistTime 1Boogie Oogie Oogie (Extended Version) A Taste of Honey 7:18 2Sukiyaki A Taste of Honey 3:38 3Do It Good A Taste of Honey 5:384I'll Try Something New A Taste of Honey 4:105I Want to Be Your Girl A Taste of Honey 4:026Don't You Lead Me On A Taste of Honey 3:127Rescue Me A Taste of Honey 3:188I'm Talkin' Bout You A Taste of Honey 5:11

      Candy Dulfer - Lily Was Here (Dna Remixes) [1991]

      Artist: Candy Dulfer
      Title: Lily Was Here (Dna Remixes)
      Year: 1991
      Type: Single
      Format: Vinyl, 12", Promo
      Label: Arista
      Catalog: ADP-2188
      Country: US
      Duration: 17:38
      Genres: Electronic
      Styles: Acid Jazz, Breakbeat, Downtempo Artist Candy Dulfer TitleLily Was Here (Dna Remixes) Released 1991 TypeSingle FormatVinyl, 12", Promo LabelArista Catalog#ADP-2188 CountryUS Rating GenresElectronic
      StylesAcid Jazz
      Download Title/ArtistTimeA1Lily Was Here (DNA Extended Remix) Candy Dulfer 5:59A2Lily Was Here (Bonus Beats) Candy Dulfer 2:31B1Lily Was Here (Dna Remix) Candy Dulfer 4:09B2Lily Was Here (Horn without Scorn) Candy Dulfer 4:59